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Refurbishment Banbury

Scope of work for Mixer F-270t

  • Dismantling, cleaning of Mixer
  • Drill Side, Rotors and End Plates Provided by ATL (New)
  • MfrsFlot Weight Pin for the chamber
  • Mixer Bearings water end side and dry end clearance to be checked
  • Mfrs of Bearing stop pin
  • Mfrs throat plates front, Wear Plates, Cover Plates and Filler Plates
  • Lapping done on the dust stop by L & T
  • Mfrs the backup ring, gland ring and yoke
  • All the Pipe lines of Dust stop oil piping, Grease Piping & Chamber water piping
  • Lube oil distributor, Process oil distributor and Oil Distributing blocks assembled in Mixer
  • Mfrs of Discharge door shaft (Splined) and (Plain) for door end were end
  • Syphone pipe for rotary joint, Rotary joint to be fixed in the mixer
  • Mfrs Latch shaft and latch bushes and fixed and assembled in Mixer